Students take part in Math Masters Challenge

Published 9:30 am Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fifth-grade students at Halverson, Sibley, Hawthorne and Lakeview Schools participated in the regional Math Masters Minnesota Challenge at Austin High Schoolon April 30.

Twenty-six teams of students (130 fifth-graders) competed individually and as teams on eight sets of mathematical problems in this competition. Math Masters is designed to promote excellence in critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities as well as provide recognition to students for academic effort and achievement.

The team coaches were Laurie Herman (Halverson), Nancy Sorlie/Christine Schaefer (Sibley), Robin Hundley (Lakeview) and Mary Jo Dorman/Joy Bryson (Hawthorne).

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Sixth-Place Team Award: Krissy Bergeron, Mackenzie Glaser, Matthew Palmer, Loryssa Peterson, and Tanner Palmer


Order of Operations (Facts): ninth-place tie, Megan Lindely and seventh- place tie, Liana Shallock.

Individual Round: Eighth Place, Alana Skarstad and fourth place, Sam Ehrhardt


Third-Place Team Award: Sean Brownlow, Kathryn Flaherty, Adam Nelson, Claire Sherman, and Jonah Walker

Eighth-Place Team Award: Jacob Bodewick, Austin Dulitz, Tristyn Ellingson, Maddy Funk and Trent Johnston

Individual awards went to:

Sean Brownlow (tied for seventh in fact drills and fifth in the individual rounds)

Kathryn Flaherty (individual round eighth place and tied seventh place in fact drills)

Jacob Bordewick (tied for ninth place in fact drill and 13th in the individual round) and Austin Dulitz (15th in the individual round)


Order of Operations Timings: Blue Ribbons to Cody Ball and Anna Boettcher