Where are limits on gambling spending?

Published 8:35 am Thursday, July 8, 2010

The recent local news relative to the owner of a local abstract company begs questions. I have a personal interest in the case, due to the $14,474.94 I have (or had) in the subject escrow account. I also have a very strong personal interest in the welfare of the Freeborn County Humane Society. Was the accused person bonded? Who regulates local abstract companies? Are there laws, regulations, or rules for them to follow? Where, exactly, is the money that is missing? Does anyone know?

The local headline proclaimed that the accused gambled $2.4 million at Diamond Jo Casino. This, presumably, was verified by the casino during the police investigation. The news reports tell us that the accused person allegedly stole $48,000. A front-page article gave us the fact that the Humane Society now believes its $150,000 is “gone for good.”

Somehow, these figures do not “add up.” Further, let’s see, now: We have an entity that can verify that a customer had spent $2.4 million in the establishment, gambling. Do we now understand that the establishment is making some kind of claim on the monies that is or was in the escrow accounts? I would like to ask the gambling establishment how they can watch a customer spend $2.4 million and keep advancing this customer more funds with which to gamble. If that is not the case, just simply: Where did the money go?

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Warren Jensen

Albert Lea