ALHS choir alumni concert

Published 12:03 pm Saturday, August 21, 2010

ALHS Choral Director, Diane Heaney, is excited to announce that members of the choirs at Albert Lea High School will have the opportunity to travel to England and Scotland next June.

The idea came when Heaney and Dr. John Laurie started talking while chaperoning a field trip to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre with ninth-graders last year. Thy both have children in that class and started talking about where we had traveled with our families. Heaney learned then that he was born in Scotland, and then talked about how she had taken the ALHS choir on tour to England and Wales in 2001. Heaney decided that it was about time she did the trip again and this time include Scotland instead of Wales. The more Heaney thought about it, the better it seemed. It had been 10 years and this time she would get to take her daughter along to experience it.

The world is a lot different now than it was 10 years ago. Not many cell phones or regular e-mail users back then and lots of world conflict too. Heaney thought we could try getting enough people interested, and with the slow economy she thought if she could get 100 people she would be really happy. She never imagined that we would have over 150 students and parents who have made a down payment to go with a waiting list besides!

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The plan is to leave the U.S. on June 6 and return June 16. The itinerary includes stops at Windsor Castle, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Cotswolds, Stirling Castle, the Trossachs, Edinburgh, medieval town of York, Cambridge and end the trip with two and a half days in London. The students will sing as much as possible and see amazing sights along the way.

Although the trip is reasonably priced for all that it includes, it is a large financial investment. The students and parents will be holding several fundraisers throughout the year. They already sold water, pop and ice cream during the July 4th festivities and worked at the county fair at the Rendezvous Rib Shack. The students are hoping for lots of community support for this special project.

Another fundraiser is being planned for homecoming weekend, Oct. 8 and 9. An ALHS alumni recital will be held on Saturday evening Oct. 9, and Ms. Heaney is hoping lots of former students will agree to perform. They did this 10 years ago in the old Cap Emmons Auditorium and it was great fun, but now there are lots more alumni! The same format will be followed as before. Solo acts are encouraged — it can be anything from singing, dancing, joke-telling or instrumental. If the interest is high, there may be an opportunity to sing in an alumni choir under the direction of Diane Heaney. Music and learning CDs can be sent out prior to the weekend and with one rehearsal in the afternoon, we could pull off a great show!

All alumni who are interested should contact Diane Heaney to reserve a spot in the show. She can be reached by e-mail at or office phone 379-5386.