Class can help those needing financial advice

Published 2:57 pm Saturday, August 7, 2010

“Very good, I really enjoyed it and will use the information to help me and my family.”

“Helpful; I will use these tips soon.”

“This class was very educational. I am very glad I took it.”

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What is all the buzz about? These are comments received by people who have attended Freeborn County SEMCAC’s Financial Literacy Class: Dollars & Sense.

The three-hour class has been designed by SEMCAC staff to help households create a spending plan that fits within their means. The spending plan includes a realistic view of income, spending, reducing existing debt and avoiding new debt, as well as the importance of saving, no matter how small.Jessica Fix

We try to demystify credit, credit reports and how to make the financial and credit world work best as a household or individual with great tips that no lender or creditor would ever let slip.

We also touch on how to protect oneself and family from identity theft, including information regarding new laws just passed in Minnesota. Once victimized, there are steps explained on what to do to recover from identity theft.

The class approaches a dry subject with energy, enthusiasm and optimism. It is held every other month at the SEMCAC office in Albert Lea. We have day and evening classes in an effort to meet the needs of the community.

The classes are free and open to the public, with a maximum size of 15. We serve a meal to participants and each household goes home with information to get them started right away at putting into practice what they have learned.

Schedule of upcoming classes are as follows:

Albert Lea Aug. 12 5-8p.m.

Owatonna Aug. 19

Austin Sept. 9

Albert Lea Oct. 14

Owatonna Oct. 21

Austin Nov. 18

Albert Lea Dec. 2

For more information or to register for class, contact SEMCAC at 373-1329.

Jessica Fix works at SEMCAC in Albert Lea. The financial literacy program is funded by Freeborn County United Way.