Lens and shutter club hold year-end picnic

Published 9:22 am Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lens and Shutter Photography Club, Century Club Award, winners for Club year 2009-2010 are left to right: Jim Wendel, Dustin Petersen, Dave Sime, Darcy Sime, Mitch Pederson, Carol Haroldson, Linda Eisterhold, Bernadine Peterson, John Eisterhold, Jamie Hauer and Terri Simonson. Not present were: Cheryl Herold, Julie Bronson and Jean Aamodt. The Century Club Award is given to members who have earned 100 points in the monthly competition.

The Lens & Shutter Photography Club held its year-end awards picnic at the home of Jamie and Darrel Hauser. Present were 19 members and four guests.

• The new slate of officers was installed: Dustin Petersen, president; Darcy Sime, vice president; Liz Reichl, secretary; and Barb Rofshus, treasurer. Darcy was thanked for her past leadership as club president.

• Rachelle Fliehman asked members to sign a thank you sheet for Farmers State Bank for displaying a gallery of the club’s photos.

Dave Sime won the prestigious Ken Wangen Award for the most points earned in the monthly competition. Not present was Cheryl Herold who won the June Wells Award for the best overall photograph entered in competition during the club year.

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The year-end best-of-the-best results: The Ken Wangen Award was given to Dave Sime. Cheryl Herold was awarded the June Wells award. First place, Darcy Sime — “Call of the Eagle.” Second place, Mitch Pederson — “Colors of Age.” Third place, John Eisterhold — “What a View.” A Century Club Award was given to Dustin Petersen. Century Club dangles were earned by Dave Sime, Darcy Sime, Cheryl Herold, Jim Wendel, Mitch Pederson, John Eisterhold, Julie Bronson, Bemadine Peterson, Jamie Hauer, Jean Aamodt, Linda Eisterhold, Carol Haroldson and Terri Simonson.

Competition category for the month was “Open” with Jim Wendel winning first with “Sunrise & Cactus” and second place with “Just Thinking.” Rachelle Fliehman won third place with “Shades of Gray.”

N4C Print Reports: John Eisterhold reported that Bev Oyer received an honorable mention, and Mitch Pederson received a merit award. Entries for September competition are due Sept. 1 at Farmers State Bank. The theme of that month will be pictorial color prints.

N4C Digital Reports: Jim Wendel reported that there were 15 entries submitted between three categories: pictorial, nature and contemporary for the month. Dustin Petersen won a Merit Award for his “Brooklyn Bridge” photograph and Ron Oyer won a Merit Award for his “Tier ’er Up” photograph.

The next meeting will be held at Rofshus Precision Machine at 7 p.m. on Sept. 16. The competition category will be “Things With Wings.”