Old Foolish Fan returns

Published 10:05 am Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jon Laging, Talking Sports

I had been looking for Old Foolish Fan for close to a year. More than a month of Sundays had gone by and there was some concern for I had heard he had undergone surgery and I had not seen him since. However, while enjoying the air conditioning at the local library, I spied him in a chair near the magazine section reading the latest issue of Sports Illustrated.

Jon Laging

As you may remember, Old Foolish Fan can cut to the heart of a matter by merely saying: “You Mean?” I walked up to him and asked him if he would fictitiously comment on his latest political and sports celebrity interviews. He was a little reluctant, but after I promised him his favorite beverage, he consented.

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I asked him about his interview with Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. He said that he asked Governor Pawlenty if he was discouraged that New Hampshire’s latest poll of presidential hopefuls had showed him at only three percent.

Tim Pawlenty: If I were running for the nomination I would not be at all concerned. I would be just glad to be mentioned. As you know I am Governor of Minnesota for some time yet and am striving every day to be the best Governor I can be.

O.F.F.: You mean?

T.P.: I better not sell my house.

I hurried to get Old Foolish Fan off the political scene and asked him about his interview with Twins’ Manager Ron Gardenhire.

Old Foolish Fan: Gardy, can you talk a little about recent call-up Dan Valencia?

Ron Gardenhire: Danny has played very well for us this past month. We felt he had big league potential and the minor leagues had done all it could for him. We are extremely pleased with the young man and his performance at the Major League level.

O.F.F.: You mean?

R.G.: Wow! Can you believe that kid!!

Old Foolish Fan: Tell me Gardy, what do you think the future holds for starting pitcher Nick Blackburn?

Ron Gardenhire: Well, Blackie is going through a rough patch right now. However we feel the move to Rochester is the right move at this time. He will have the opportunity to work more games and to find himself. We hope he will eventually be back with the Twins in a starting role.

O.F.F.: You mean?

R.G.: I don’t know.

Old Foolish Fan: Tell me Gardy, do you think the Twins will win the Central Division and go somewhere in the playoffs?

Ron Gardenhire: If we can get back to our play in June with everyone healthy I like our chances.

O.F.F.: You mean?

R.G.: If we don’t win this year, I don’t know when we will.

Old Foolish Fan: Gardy, the Twins are notorious for losing to the New York Yankees. What are your thoughts on meeting them again on the road to the World Series?

Ron Gardenhire: We are looking forward to our next encounter and feel the Twins are a stable team, not easily intimidated with the right mix of youth and veterans. We can beat the Yanks.

O.F.F.: You mean?

R.G.: I’m counting on the law of averages.

Old Foolish Fan was lucky enough to run into Viking Coach Brad Childress at the airport and asked him the question on everyone’s mind.

Old Foolish Fan: Tell me Coach, will Brett Favre be back this year?

Childress: I just had an interesting, meaningful talk with Brett concerning his future. He said he is giving every consideration to coming back. He is hesitant to make a decision at this time but assures me that if he decides to come back, he will.

Old Foolish Fan was beginning to look tired and Beth had come by and told us the library was closing. I had made a promise to Old Foolish Fan and we left for the nearest beverage shop.