Sheriff Harig favors Second Amendment

Published 8:56 am Thursday, August 26, 2010

As a 10-month resident of Albert Lea, my wife and I felt safe, the safest we’ve ever felt. Having lived in four different states in the past five years, we’d have to say that a major reason was having a pro-Second Amendment sheriff like Mark Harig. When we obtained our pistol permits, Sheriff Harig went out of his way in assuring that we took the proper training and were versed on the law.

It is my hope that the citizens of Albert Lea realize what an asset they have in Sheriff Harig and the professionalism he brings to the office. Ensuring the Second Amendment rights of the citizenry is not a given in many states. The people of Freeborn County are fortunate they have a sheriff who will leave his office and talk with a citizen who has a problem or makes a request.

Not so here in Nevada. The police stations are cold and impersonal. You only talk to personnel through bulletproof glass. Myriad laws attempt to discourage citizens from owning or legally carrying a firearm. And has it made anyone here feel safer? Just check the crime rates. Albert Lea and Freeborn County are lucky. The residents should keep things the way they are.

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John Longo

Las Vegas