Sheriff Mark Harig is the right choice

Published 8:56 am Friday, August 6, 2010

REACT has been a vital partner in emergency response in Freeborn County. We train in severe weather response and coordinate emergency response and rescue efforts with our law enforcement partners.

During the Bike-a-Thon and the April Sorensen Memorial Half-Marathon and the Big Island Rendezvous, as well as other community events, we work as an emergency response team.

During the June tornadoes, REACT worked hand-in-hand with Sheriff Mark Harig during emergency response to help our neighbors and friends through this devastation.

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Sheriff Harig supports REACT in helping with training and supporting our communication efforts. We encourage all voters to recognize the dedicated planning and support that Sheriff Harig has given to Freeborn County. We ask that you support Sheriff Harig in his candidacy for his third term as Freeborn County’s sheriff.

Marsha Gold

President of React Team C-143

Co-president of Minnesota React MRTC

Clarks Grove