Support Branstad and Emmer for gov.

Published 8:57 am Friday, August 6, 2010

Both Minnesota and Iowa need amendments to ensure marriage is between one human male and one human female. Paternity and blood relatives are critical in marriage with kids as natural potentials.

Both Minnesota and Iowa are lucky that they have great mainstream and Main Street people seeking the governor offices. Terry Branstad in Iowa and Tom Emmer in Minnesota want human heterosexual marriage, not what judges feel like.

Things are a little worse already in Iowa, thanks to judges. What else can happen?

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Potential now in Iowa:

Joan goes to a marriage clerk in Iowa and said she and John Shepherd want to marry.

Clerk: John with you is a German shepherd dog!

Joan: John Shepherd my fiancé in his human form was eliminated in an accident four years ago. In my faith we believe strongly in reincarnation, and John here is John you can see it in his eyes and he is wild sexually in bed as John in his human form was.

Clerk: That is unnatural, illegal and besides, you and John the dog here can’t have kids!

Joan: You just gave a marriage license to Bob and Joe and you probably would have said the same about them a few years ago. I am going to find judges who will support my rights to marry John, my passionate fiancé, here!

Let’s all support Terry Branstad and Tom Emmer for governors and proper heterosexual marriage.

Tom Schleck

Albert Lea