Norman submits statement to council

Published 6:33 pm Thursday, September 2, 2010

Albert Lea City Manager Jim Norman submitted a statement to the members of the Albert Lea City Council on Thursday stating he was mistaken on his understanding of his agreement regarding the use of the city credit card and that he had no intent to deceive the city.

Copies of the statement were given to each council member because the meeting was not open for comments from the public.

It reads:

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“Throughout my career I have always been honest, open and forthcoming in every respect. My actions have been professional and held to the standards expected of a city manager.

Not to belabor the obvious, I had an agreement with the city to cover expenses in my move and relocation, and I used the city credit card for those expenses. While I may have been mistaken on my understanding of the agreement and process followed in using the credit card, there was no intent to violate policy or deceive the city. When it was brought to my attention that expenses were not submitted properly, I made an immediate reimbursement before the city made a payment on my behalf.

I would respectfully request the City Council allow me to serve as the city manager until I have the opportunity to have the charges made against me removed or dismissed. It is my intent to restore my credibility with the City Council and the community. I am a professional manager that holds the principles of my profession in the highest regard.

It is my hope to reconfirm the decision to hire me as city manager.”