Parties of stupid and evil get together

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I read that a Republican congressional staffer a few years ago told some visiting Russian legislators in America we have a two-party system — the stupid party and the evil party — and that once in a while the two parties get together and do something stupid and evil. He called that “bipartisanship.”

To me our current mass immigration policy is a classic example of this miserable Washington bipartisanship. It is a stupid policy because there is no reason for it. Americans in general are no better off economically because of mass immigration. It is an evil policy because it forcibly overrules the will of the Americans people who have shown that they don’t want our country massively overcrowded. Our current immigration policy is eating up the environment with urban sprawl, hurting the poor and minorities with seriously increased wage competition, and breaking our nation into pieces culturally and linguistically. What good is this?

Robert Petersen

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Albert Lea