Treatment of city manager is terrible

Published 9:19 am Friday, September 24, 2010

There are an innumerable number of churches in and around Albert Lea. Anyone who wants to go to church can find one. I cannot help but wonder if our city council members go to one. If they do it must be a different denomination than mine. They obviously do not believe in forgiveness. I think it is terrible the way they are treating their new city manager. Considering it was a new job in a new city with all new co-workers and he had to find a new place to live. I can excuse him if he failed to read the fine print on his new city credit card. Whoever gave it to him should have explained the restrictions to him.

He paid it all back before there was a charge for interest. How many thousands of taxpayer’s dollars is the city council spending to try and send him to prison?

I can’t remember ever going to a city council meeting. Maybe some of us should start.

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Roger Fink

Albert Lea