Who will win the NFC North?

Published 9:05 am Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scott Schmeltzer/Albert Lea Tribune

The fall air, Albert Lea football won its home opener and debating with Andrew Dyrdal about the NFL. Could it get any better?

My picks for the upcoming National Football League season:

In the AFC East, I predict New York Jets 11-5, New England Patriots 10-6, Miami Dolphins 9-7 and Buffalo Bills 8-8.

Scott Schmeltzer

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In the AFC North I predict Baltimore Ravens 12-4, Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6, Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 and Cleveland Browns 5-11.

In the AFC South I predict Indianapolis Colts 12-4, Tennessee Titans 12-4, Houston Texans 8-8 and Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10.

In the AFC West I predict San Diego Chargers 10-6, Denver Broncos 9-7, Oakland Raiders 7-9 and Kansas City Chiefs 5-11.

In the NFC East I predict Dallas Cowboys 12-4, New York Giants 10-6, Philadelphia Eagles 10-6 and Washington Redskins 4-12.

In the NFC North I predict Green Bay Packers 12-4, Minnesota Vikings 10-6, Chicago Bears 10-6 and Detroit Lions 3-13.

In the NFC South I predict Atlanta Falcons 11-5, New Orleans Saints 10-6, Carolina Panthers 10-6 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-8.

In the NFC West I predict Arizona Cardinals 10-6, San Francisco 49ers 10-6, Seattle Seahawks 8-8 and St. Louis Rams 4-12.

Andrew Dyrdal

Who will win the AFC? The Baltimore Ravens. They will battle NFC champs Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. The league MVP will be Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers will win the Super Bowl. Jermichael Finley will be named MVP for the game.

Here are a few more predictions for football season:

Andrew Dyrdal will disagree with most of my picks.

Atlanta Falcons will be the team to watch as a surprising new entry into the NFL elite.

Sorry Viking fans as I did pick your team to win it all last year, but this year the pack is back baby!!!!

– Scott

Scott’s picks are OK, but he really missed the boat a few times. The New York Jets are overrated and will not finish 11-5, the Bengals are much better than third in the AFC North and there is much more parity in the NFC East than Scott thinks.

My picks for the NFL season are:

In the AFC East, I predict New England Patriots 11-5, New York Jets 9-7, Miami Dolphins 8-8 and Buffalo Bills 5-11.

In the AFC North I predict Cincinnati Bengals 11-5, Baltimore Ravens 10-6, Pittsburg Steelers 10-6 and the Cleveland Browns 4-12.

In the AFC South I predicts Indianapolis Colts 13-3, Tennesee Titans 10-6, Houston Texans 9-7 and Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10.

In the AFC West I predict Dallas Cowboys 10-6, Washington Redskins 9-7, Philadelphia Eagles 8-8, New York Giants 7-9.

In the NFC North I predict Minnesota Vikings 11-5, Green Bay Packers 10-6, Chicago Bears 8-8, Detroit Lions 4-12.

In the NFC South I predict New Orleans Saints 12-4, Atlanta Falcons 8-8, Carolina Panthers 7-9 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-11.

In the NFC West I predict San Francisco 49ers 10-6, Arizona Cardinals 8-8, Seattle Seahawks 6-10 and St. Louis Rams 3-13.

The Indianapolis Colts will win the AFC and meet the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl. Brett Favre is named Super Bowl MVP in his final season. Chris Johnson is named NFL MVP.