Brown runs positive campaign

Published 1:28 pm Saturday, October 23, 2010

I am voting for my wife, Robin Brown, for re-election for state representative. Let me share with you a number of reasons why I believe Robin Brown deserves our vote.

Minnesota has a part-time citizen Legislature. Robin has experience working in small businesses, has successfully raised six adult children, has taught high school photography and art for 15 years, and raises and trains Peruvian Paso horses. Her wide range of experiences in education, agriculture, art, small business, the environment and raising a family have provided her the skills to be an outstanding state representative.

I have personally observed Robin Brown work tirelessly on constituent requests at home while taking phone calls all throughout the year on weekends and in the evenings and responding to regular mail and e-mail requests. She takes her role as a state representative very seriously and genuinely cares about the outcome of each of her constituent concerns.

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Robin Brown has drafted legislation that will be introduced in January that reforms the way public schools are financed in Minnesota. It is based on the following theory of BEST: balanced, equal, simplified and targeted. When passed, education funding will become equalized in Minnesota. Every student will receive the same amount of funding regardless of where they live. Our current school funding formula does not provide equal funding to greater Minnesota schools. Robin Brown is committed to change the way 40 percent of our state budget is spent.

Robin Brown has run a totally positive campaign. Every radio ad, newspaper ad, campaign literature, newsletter and e-mail response is factual and positive. She has consistently stayed focused on solutions for Minnesota and District 27A.

Robin Brown is the only candidate for state representative in District 27A who has personally visited more than 10,000 homes this year. Every night when she returns home, she shares many positive stories about who she met and what issue or concern they discussed at the door as well as possible solutions. She has visited every home of the 22 towns located within District 27A. This is the real meaning of a citizen legislator.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to vote for a political candidate that you have personally met, that personally answers your phone calls and e-mails, that cares enough about you to visit your home on an annual basis, that has the educational, business and family background to fully understand the needs of your district and that has consistently run a totally positive campaign?

Well, we have just such a candidate to vote for: state Rep. Robin Brown. Please join me in voting for my wife, state Rep. Robin Brown on Nov. 2. The time is now to re-elect Robin.

Joseph E. Brown Sr.