Editorial: Rooting for the Hawks?

Published 8:47 am Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To be sure, we are big fans of Minnesota major sports teams — Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Wild, Minnesota Lynx and, of course, the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

But this year for college football, the Gophers are lacking promise, just one year after a bowl season.

Thus, we must admit we are rooting that the Iowa Hawkeyes football team finds success this season like it did last season.

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Why? We like an underdog, and we grow tired of hearing about the same old powerhouse programs like Ohio State, Florida and Oklahoma.

Teams like Iowa, Oregon and Missouri are good for the appeal of college football. Even Air Force has a spot in the Top 25 rankings.

Fans like to see programs that have struggled for years finally win, maybe even get a shot a championship.

And since Minnesota won’t get that this year, it’s hard to not cheer for the Gopher rival Iowa Hawkeyes.

Good luck against Michigan on Saturday.