Editorial: Thumbs

Published 2:04 pm Saturday, October 9, 2010

DOWN – To the soggy September.

The floods of last month followed a wet, buggy summer. The rainfall last month broke records, too. Statewide, an average of 6.46 inches of rain fell in September, breaking a previous high of 6.2 inches set in 1900. Southern Minnesota received most of the rain to break that record, getting over 10 inches in many places.

The Albert Lea Wastewater Treatment Plant recorded 9.66 inches for the month of September. Last year, the city received 0.84 inches. And in the five years from 2005 to 2009, the city received an average of 3.66 inches in September.

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It seems appropriate to have such lovely weather this past week after we made it through the rains.

UP – To the return of Randy Moss.

Though fans of the Vikings were a bit dismayed over some of the behavior Moss exhibited in his early days as a pro football player wearing the purple and gold, they never did want to see him go. They steadfastly supported their star receiver. That adoration was visible when Moss returned to the Metrodome in a Raiders uniform in 2006. Those same fans still love Moss and are glad to have him back in a Vikings uniform. There’s a saying that home is where they always take you in. Welcome home, Randy.

DOWN – To burglars.

What’s up with all the burglaries in Albert Lea lately? This normally is a city where people can be safe and things won’t get stolen. Fortunately, the Albert Lea Police Department have caught many of them lately, often thanks to vigilant citizens with their eyes open. That’s a good sign that Albert Leans look out for each other. Keep it up!