Editorial: Thumbs

Published 3:52 pm Saturday, October 30, 2010

Up: To the Internet.

It used to be that newspapers had to wait to tell readers about election results until the next day, after radio and TV already had told news consumers. Now, we beat radio and TV hands down. On Election Night, if you want to know first who wins and who loses faster than any other media, go online to AlbertLeaTribune.com and see our page for election results. We will have a Twitter feed, too, so you can watch results for statewide and local races while staying posted on every little detail at the courthouse and at Election Night banquets, where the parties get together to celebrate or mourn. You can trust us not to go back to our regular programming. The news is our regular programming.

Down: To the bad side of autumn.

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All seasons have their good sides and their bad sides. Winter can be fun, but it can be bitterly hard and cold. Spring can be green and refreshing, but it can be stormy and mean. Summer can be nice and sunny, but it can be humid, buggy and nasty. And there’s fall. It waltzes in with its colors, football, sweatshirts, lack of humidity and lack of pesky bugs. Then, halfway through, the cold winds blow, the gray skies arrive and the trees go bare. It’s the depressing side of fall. Furnaces turn on, and signs of Old Man Winter are on their way. Sigh.

Up: To Albert Lea School District.

Getting the school board meetings shown on cable television has long been a request of this Editorial Board. They didn’t need to be live. They just needed to be shown. And we always advocated for other school events — science fairs, football games, plays, things like that — to be recorded and broadcast, like in so many other cities of any size. Finally, this will be done. It just took some people who had the will. Kudos to Superintendent Mike Funk, Albert Lea High School business teacher Max Jeffrey and Jeffrey’s students. If you didn’t catch the story in Friday’s paper, go through the recycling bin and read it. This is a good step for the public to connect to the school board and the school district.