Harig went out of his way to help

Published 3:17 pm Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mark Harig is the most qualified candidate. His many accomplishments tell the story. He is there to help each of us when help is needed. I say this from past experience. Let me tell you a little story, as follows:

The day after the tornado went through Freeborn County, I looked out my upstairs bedroom window. I couldn’t believe what I saw! The winds had flattened the railing on the balcony. It was being still held up on the balcony by very little, in a horizontal position as opposed to a vertical position. I know that it would take very little to send it flying down below. I got on the phone and started calling building contractors. No one was available to come over to my home and to take down the railing. The contractors were all over Freeborn County working on tornado damage.

As each day passed, I noticed the railing was coming down bit by bit, further and further. I was getting really frightened by this time. I envisioned 30-plus feet of wood railing suddenly plunging down below — hitting an awning, breaking new entry steps, windows, the neighbor’s house next door, or the neighbors themselves. What could I do? Who could I call? The following Friday afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment. When I came out of the clinic, the sky was dark and the wind had picked up. I got home and the railing was worse then ever. I called Sheriff Harig and explained my dilemma. He told me to give him a couple hours to see what he could do. He would call me whenever he came up with someone who could help. A half-hour later I received a call that his deputy would be there shortly to take the railing down. I had a friend there to help, so it didn’t take long and the railing was on the ground, neatly in piles for pickup.

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Sheriff Harig came to my aid just like he has come to the aid of many of you folks in Freeborn County. He is dependable and cares about all of us — you and me. In addition he laid out the red carpet to all of the many bikers by meeting them in Clear Lake, Iowa, with the Salvation Army captain, to escort them back to Albert Lea for their special visit.

Mark Harig is highly educated and knowledgeable, knowing how to make things better for his deputies on the job. He shows integrity and has demonstrated security for our county.

Please join me in voting for Mark Harig for a third term as Freeborn County sheriff.

Judy Hagen

Albert Lea