Man fell into a doughnut hole

Published 9:35 am Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I’m going to put my little say into several topics. Most of it dealing with the upcoming election.

First of all, you people who are against the new health care bill! May I suggest something here? I will make a suggestion that you all give up your Medicare when you turn 65! I’d love to see how you would get along without that! That is government-controlled health insurance. Had I not had Medicare, I could not have had my colon surgery in 2010! They took out my whole colon! They were afraid of cancer.

My other issue with needing this new health care bill is the doughnut hole!

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I ended up in that doughnut hole Nov. 12, 2009, for $500. That hurts!

Another issue is someone who is running for office. Alcoholism and abuse just kind of go together. They have been preaching about abuse lately!

Another thing, I don’t care who is in office now!

It took us 10 long years to get here! The first eight under George Bush’s economic policies, and the other two, caused by corporate greed! President Obama took over and he had a full plate to try to fix this! The banks, credit card companies, finance companies and mortgage companies and their fat CEO bonuses only made it worse!

Had I been running it, there wouldn’t have been all these bailouts!

The FBI is investigating banks right now! We may never get back to where we were before all this happened! I’m glad we did bail out GM and Chrysler, as we saved a bunch of jobs! They have paid it back!

I am not voting Republican this time at all! Unfortunately, we have a bunch of impatient people in this country. They want this to change overnight!

I’m glad I’m out of the labor force, as this may be the new normal.

Employers are just getting along with less now! Another issue I feel isn’t helping is immigration. That’s all I’ll say about that! I’ll only say this about it! There are too many people coming to the U.S. and there aren’t enough jobs for them, much less, the U.S. citizens!

Gilbert Gilbertson

Albert Lea