Vote Kindler as the next county sheriff

Published 1:21 pm Saturday, October 23, 2010

If you look at the definition of both honesty and integrity, you will not find either of the two sheriff candidates’ names. But honesty and integrity will define Bob Kindler. Mr. Kindler has always been a person to go to for an honest answer and person of great integrity. This has become very apparent with the recent union endorsements. For the voters of Freeborn County, look at who is supporting Mr. Kindler. You will find the majority of the people charged with protecting and serving the community from local to state law enforcement are supporting him. Just look and ask.

It should also be apparent a change needs to be made as Mr. Harig has never run uncontested. If he was indeed doing a good job, others would not be running against him, the morale would not be as low as it is and half of the patrol staff would not have left for other departments. Mr. Harig wants the tallies of the union votes. He should know those votes are always majority votes and are secret ballots. If the majority of the local does not vote in favor, the vote will fail. The citizens of Freeborn County are not protected by an ICE contract, which is what Mr. Harig seems to hang his hat on. He should be more concerned about the morale of his office and the service he is providing to the citizens of Freeborn County. It should not be held against anyone to run for a public office and support who they choose, but look no further than the Sheriff’s Office to see how it is. Deputies did not ask for their current work schedule. Who would want to work a day shift, mid shift and overnight shift all in one week? Mr. Harig claimed in the recent debate the deputies wanted this. That work schedule is being used as punishment. There are not “disgruntled” people working in Freeborn County as Mr. Harig claims, there are disappointed people.

I urge the voters of Freeborn County to vote for a fair, honest man who will represent you, bring honesty and integrity back to the Sheriff’s Office and proudly call himself “your” sheriff, Bob Kindler.

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Shane Klokonos

former Freeborn County deputy