Show me some Love

Published 4:05 pm Monday, November 1, 2010

Quick hits from the local and national sports scene

Kevin Love has been one of the most productive players in the National Basketball Association this season — but he’s only averaging 25 minutes per game.

The Timberwolves power forward’s stats average out to 26.9 points and 25 rebounds per 48 minutes, making him the most productive rebounder in the game.

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Love is even more productive than the league-leading Joakim Noah, who’s averaging 18 boards per game this season.

So why isn’t he playing?

Looking at the Wolves’ final scores, the team is slightly better when Love is playing. In three games, the team has been outscored by 10 points but only by five when Love is on the floor.

He’s known around the league as a defensive liability and is only shooting 34 percent from the floor, but Love’s numbers indicate he deserves more minutes than he’s getting.

But above all, he’s on my fantasy basketball team so, Coach Rambis, play him more for Pete’s sake.

I was one of the few fans Childress had left, until now

I’ve always defended Brad Childress.

When everyone around me thrashed his ability to run a football game, I called on his ability to run a football team.

His first year record of 6-10 slowly improved by two games each season until it peaked last year at 12-4. He instinctively drafted Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin when everyone in front of him passed on them because of injuries or off the field issues.

He went and got Jared Allen and Brett Favre and turned the Vikings into one of the most star-stacked teams in the NFL. Despite the 1-2 start, the acquisition of Randy Moss was just icing on the cake. Now Chilly has finally blown out the candles.

As excited as I was about No. 84 in purple again, after Sunday night’s press conference rant, I knew that the Moss-Vikings marriage was in trouble.

I’ve all but given up on the Vikings’ season, so releasing Moss isn’t ruining anything for me. But the way Childress handled the divorce by allegedly cutting Moss without the front office’s input and because of “truths” Moss brought up during a press conference has finally turned me against the Vikings’ head coach.

Wolverines’ most successful football season ever?

The Glenville-Emmons football team finds themselves one game away from the state tournament for the first time in school history.

With postseason wins over Houston and Grand Meadow, the Wolverines have upset two teams that combined to outscore them 111-50 during the regular season.

For a spot in the opening round of the nine-man state tournament at Southwest State University, the Wolverines will need to string together a third upset and beat the Lanesboro Burros Friday, a team that beat them 29-14 on Sept. 24.

The Burros have won eight consecutive games after starting the season 0-2, so the Wolverines will have their hands full against one of the hottest teams in the state.

The Wolverines have nothing to lose Friday and with a young nucleus of talent on the varsity and a J.V. team that went 8-0 this year, maybe this team won’t be the most successful Wolverines football team for long.