12 Cats of Christmas (with video)

Published 9:20 am Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a feline from the Humane Society.

The Humane Society of Freeborn County and the Albert Lea Animal Shelter is filled to capacity and the animals are in need of forever homes.

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The spotlight this year is on older cats, though the shelter has many kittens and dogs as well.

For information on adopting any of these animals, contact the Humane Society at 373-7501 or check their website at www.hsffc.org.

The shelter is located in Frank Hall Park.

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Josie likes giving unconditional affection. She’s all black except for three white patches and gets along with other cats well.


Tango is a grey tabby, who takes a little time to get used to people. He’s a cat who will stay out of trouble and is cautious.


Whitey is a white short-haired female. She loves to talk and curl up on a lap or a comfy cushion.


Phoebe is a tortoiseshell who would enjoy quiet time and togetherness. She loves tummy rubs and would be a steady companion.


Quincy is a gray short hair male who gives a lot of affection. He’d like to be a long-term companion in a loving home.


Sahara is a gray tabby who can entertain herself. She gets along with others and likes attention. She prefers a home without young children.


Nova is a female calico. She was a young mom, and her babies are all grown up. She likes attention and curling up in warm places. She loves people more than anything.


Sophie is an orange and white female short hair. She looks like her sisters and likes to play. She likes to explore and test limits, which entertains her care-givers.


Gus is a gray and white tabby. He loves attention and playing. He likes to be petted and play with toys.


Sarah is an orange and white short hair. She likes to watch events outside windows and exploring different areas. She likes naps and playing with her siblings at the kennel.


Momma is a calico who’s pretty unflappable. She likes to entertain herself, but enjoys human companionship as well. She is done raising kittens and is ready to love her next owner.


Smith is a small cat with a big personality. He loves to shower his owners with affection.

Click here for a photo gallery

Second annual stuff a Christmas stocking for the homeless animals at the shelter
Stocking stuffers for cats
Cat toys
Canned cat food
Cat brushes
Cat nip
Cat beds
Small stuffed animals for kittens to snuggle with

Stocking stuffers for dogs
Kongs, large and small
Dog brushes
Rawhide bones, large and small
Peanut butter for kongs
Tennis balls