Editorial: Thumbs

Published 11:33 am Saturday, December 18, 2010

Editorial: Thumbs

To candidates in the Freeborn County Commissioner District 5 race.

Wow! There are seven candidates in this race. That’s a sign that people want to be part of democracy in action locally. In November, we had no contested races for Albert Lea City Council, Freeborn County Board of Commissioners or Albert Lea school board. We were beginning to think people had become apathetic to local government issues — or they didn’t want to step up to the plate to make the hard and important decisions during times of tight budgets. The District 5 race, however, runs contrary and shows people — at least in this district — want to be involved.

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It’s not easy to throw your hat in the ring of politics; it takes guts and a sense of civic duty. Good luck in the coming campaigns, Jan. 18 primary election and March 15 special election.

To safe and considerate drivers.

Back-to-back snowstorms rolled through the area this week and tested the fortitude of anyone who dared venture out. Kudos to those drivers who slowed down and played it safe.

There were a lot of car collisions this week, and hopefully that reminded everyone of how dangerous driving in these conditions can be. Driving recklessly endangers the lives of everyone else on the road at that time.

So let’s remember to slow down, leave plenty of room between you and the car ahead of you, don’t accelerate too quickly and brake plenty early when approaching a stop. Pat yourself on the back if you did these things and everything else that goes along with safe, courteous driving. Just make sure to do so when you’re not behind the wheel of a vehicle.

To the Minnesota Vikings playing outdoors.

Twenty-nine years ago to the date of Monday’s contest against the Chicago Bears, the Vikings played their last home game outdoors at Metropolitan Stadium, which is now the Mall of America, which, ironically, sponsors the team’s indoor field. As of press time, the Vikings are slated to play on the University of Minnesota campus Monday at TCF Bank Stadium. Though the Vikings are near the end of a losing season, though their starting and backup quarterbacks are injured, though they are under an interim coach, though they have no home field and though they seem to top the league news each week, pretty near everyone — OK, we exaggerate but, c’mon, lots and lots of people— in the state of Minnesota and across the United States will be watching this outdoor game. What a thrill! This is how NFL legends come to be, like in the olden days when teams like Canton and Duluth played ball. And being outside, this is Vikings football as the old-school fans remember and cherish. Happy 50th birthday, Vikings! It is odd but fitting.