Walz, job creation is paramount

Published 9:49 am Monday, December 20, 2010

A open letter to our U.S. Congressman Timothy Walz:

Dear Rep. Walz,

You continue a high level of support from constituents in Minnesota because they believe you represent their best interests. Polling by your office should show that:

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1. Job creation by private industry (not by government) is of the greatest public concern.

2. People feel that balancing of the federal budget needs to be accomplished now through cuts to programs (not establishing more bureaucracy).

3. Companies need to be able to make long-term plans based on a stable rate of taxation if there is to be any chance of expanding their workforce.

4. The United States needs to deal with foreign policy through a position of strength rather than weakness (do not limit our military options by ratifying the Start 2 Treaty).

5. We do not want Congress hiding spending earmarks in omnibus bills. Bills about tax rates should not contain billions of dollars in spending to bribe congressmen.

The current lame-duck session of Congress is deeply disturbing because of the unbridled partisan politics. Congress should adjourn for Christmas and allow the newly elected Congress to work on the problems. Rep. Walz, be a leader for us. Put our concerns ahead of your interests or those of your party. We have had enough of the politics as usual and would like a break from it especially at Christmas.

May you have a merry Christmas with your family and a productive new year! And God bless us everyone!

Paul Ibisch