Editorial: Thumbs

Published 3:00 pm Saturday, January 8, 2011

Editorial: Thumbs

To people driving in bad weather.

It is one thing to go take the car a few blocks in town during bad weather to get some food at the grocery store. It is altogether another matter when people leave town and brave the country roads and the freeways in whiteout conditions or during any winter storm. Stay home!

Out here on the prairie, the wind really impacts our winters. The city buildings lessen the strength of the wind. But out in the open spaces, the wind is at full bluster. When people land their cars and trucks in the ditch, they don’t realize how much pressure they put on others. It means troopers and sheriff’s deputies have to come to their rescue, along with tow truck drivers and sometimes firefighters and ambulance crews.

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That means these first responders have to deal with one person’s foolish decision to drive rather than being ready for a more serious emergency or dealing with the workload they already have. Make it easier on everyone and get off the country roads in bad weather. Stay in town with a friend.

To people who call 911 with incorrect information.

On Wednesday night, the call came for help when a rollover was reported two to five miles east of Albert Lea on Interstate 90. Troopers, deputies and tow truck drivers headed east. It turns out, the incident was west of Albert Lea. Such things happen more than you might think. The recent pickup-train incident had some problems with locating where it was. The initial call had the location as in Albert Lea, so city police were driving all over the Hammer Road and Y.H. Hanson Avenue area. It turned out to be two miles north of the city, where deputies patrol.

When calling dispatchers for emergencies and non-emergencies, be wise about giving a proper location. It helps them help you.

To the addition of two Community Sew Days.

Quilting is a big tradition in many local families. For some, it is a new hobby. The Community Sew Day in September went so well — and made so many quilts for people who really need them — the organizers have added two more days. We supposed that in the olden days, people called these quilting bees. Community Sew Day is a name that works just as well. The days are planned from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on both April 16 and Aug. 13 at the Senior Center in the Skyline Plaza in Albert Lea.