IRS announces tax filing delay for some tax filers

Published 9:07 am Friday, January 21, 2011

The 2011 tax season is not just around the corner any longer, it’s here! The IRS started allowing taxpayers to e-file their returns on Friday, Jan. 14. Tax offices around the area are gearing up to assist taxpayers as confusion and uncertainty rises over the last-minute changes to the tax law.

IRS Filing Delay

Dave Schreiber

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Unfortunately for some taxpayers this year, filing is going to be delayed a bit, due to some late decisions made on the part of Congress. On Dec. 17 Congress passed the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010. These last-minute changes have put the IRS into a scramble having to reprogram their processing systems to include the provisions that were extended by this late Congressional act. For most, the 2010 filing season will proceed as normal, but for those who are claiming-the higher education and tuition fees deduction, educator expenses deduction, state and local sales tax deduction or those who itemize deductions on Form 1040 Schedule A -their returns will not be accepted until the IRS tax processing systems are ready to handle them. The IRS estimates being ready for these returns in mid to late February.

Despite the filing delays, Dave Schreiber, president of two local tax offices in Albert Lea -Tri-State Tax and Accounting and Refunds USA said their offices are going to continue meeting with clients when the client is ready. His firm suggests taxpayers get their paperwork together and come in at their pre-scheduled appointment time or whenever the taxpayers receive all their tax information. “If a taxpayer has one of the forms that the IRS is not yet ready to release, we’ll hold your return until the day it is made available and then we’ll e-file your return immediately. For specific questions or to find out if you will have a delay in filing, please call one of the tax professionals at 373-2185 or 377-8291,” Schreiber said.

Tax season drawing

Tax season always has its challenges and according to Dave Schreiber, some people dread going to the tax office as much as they dread going to the dentist. “We try our best to make people fill comfortable and work with individuals one-on-one to prepare their taxes. We feel sitting down with each taxpayer gets them the best refund. We also try to make the season a little extra fun. This year we are having a tax season drawing for TWO 50-inch Sanyo HD flat screen TVs plus 20 other prizes. Not only will one winner from each office walk away with a brand new flat screen TV, but 40 others will win fun prizes and gift certificates as well,” Schreiber said.

Lending your neighbor a helping hand

Loss of jobs, prolonged unemployment and financial set-backs affect people from all walks of life — old men, young women, children, the rich who lost it all and the poor who never had it. There is definitely a need in this community and two local businesses are using tax time to lend their neighbors a helping hand. Tri-State Tax & Accounting and Refunds USA will have Salvation Army kettles available for donations beginning Jan. 14 thru April 18 in their tax offices. The two companies will match the first dollar donation made to help support needy families in this area. “The Salvation Army has been very faithful to the people of our community this last year and so we have decided to partner with them. Gifts of cash are an excellent way to provide the Salvation Army with immediate funds necessary to meet the needs of people in our area,” said Jolinda Schreiber. “It’s also tax deductible”, she added. For every donation that is given in honor of the Salvation Army, the tax offices will match the first dollar. “We’ll also take canned food donations for the food panty and we’ll give a $1 credit to each client’s tax preparation fee,” Schreiber said. The Salvation Army opened its work in Albert Lea as a Swedish Corps in January 1896. In 1984 they started the food pantry. The food pantry is located at 302 Court St. Families in need can stop by this address between 12:30 to 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday. For information on what identification forms you should bring with you, call 373-8776.

“We’ve been very blessed to live and work in this community and we hope you’ll join us as we support the Salvation Army’s community outreach efforts and the food pantry in Albert Lea,” Schreiber concluded.