Editorial: What is this ‘Human Doing’?

Published 9:52 am Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What’s this? A man named “Scott” is living in glass box on display at the Mall of America like some kind of beast in a zoo. He’ll be there for 30 days.

We checked and, no, he is not Tribune Publisher Scott Schmeltzer. However, the man’s name is not being revealed for the sake of privacy. He won’t have much else for privacy as he lives in a glass box with a kitchen, bedroom and living room for all to see.

(His bathroom, thank goodness, is not visible.)

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It’s all part of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota’s rather catchy “Do” campaign. You know, the one that asks people to move their bodies every day and, in TV commercials, has a man in a sweater vest dancing.

This man-on-display at MOA is called “Human Doing.” The reason for it is to show people how healthy living happens. Scott lives an unhealthy lifestyle, and, during his 30-day stint in healthier surroundings, he will seek to change his behavior. His success hinges on encouragement and from the support of friends and family — from people like you who visit the mall and follow him online at www.do-groove.com.

It’s an amazing idea, honestly. So amazing, we encourage you to follow it. (Click here to see the live webcam.)

Albert Leans who participated in the AARP/Blue Zones Vitality Project in 2009 should find it particularly fascinating, perhaps even finding some familiar refrains, such as smaller plates and putting healthy food out in the open.

Go outside and play

Finally, we must add one thing. The snow is melting at last and the temperatures are actually bearable. Get outside and get some exercise, particularly those of you who have been suffering from cabin fever ever since you experienced that warm spell in mid-February. So what if your shoes get muddy. That’s why you have them.