Progress 2011: Master manager

Published 6:31 pm Monday, March 14, 2011

“I enjoy my work here, and I wouldn’t change it. I’m happy working here and I’m happy with what my dad has done. I don’t have to go work at McDonald’s. I’m lucky to be able to work here. It’s a lot of responsibility, but maybe someday I’ll run it. That’s my plan so I have to stick to it.” — Jose Campos, manager of Taco King

Photo by Adam Harringa/Cutout by Stacey Bahr

“He’s enjoying it, I know that. I’m so happy right now with him. He’s learning, and I’m really happy with the way he runs the business when I’m not here. I don’t have any complaints. He’s ready. I teach him so many things and he learns it so fast.” — Raul Campos, father and Taco King owner

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“The service is great. He comes up to the counter and greats you and is happy to see you. And it’s a really comfortable feeling coming in to talk to them and eat here.” — Ronald Johnson, customer

“He does a really good job. We’re really happy with him. We took a two-week vacation, and he really took care of it. I really think he can go out and start his own business. That’s why he’s going to go to college. He does a really, really good job. He never has any problems.” — Christina Campos, mother and fellow manager

Hero: Jose Campos
Secret identity: restaurant manager
Base of operations: The Taco King, Albert Lea
Superpowers: Jose’s father, Raul Campos, The Taco King owner, says Jose is great at customer service, and when he takes a vacation, he is completely confident leaving the restaurant in his son’s care.
“He knows what to do. He knows what the customers like and is always very friendly. He’s a very very good kid. Every time I have to take off, I don’t have to worry about it,” Raul said.
Kryptonite: Jose said because it is a family business, he is allowed a certain amount of leniency with his hours.
“I really enjoy working here. In a way it’s better, but I’m also working with family all the time, and so there are ups and downs,” Jose said.
Affiliations: father, Raul; mother, Christina; brother, Alexis, 12
Origin: Jose Campos, 17, a senior at Albert Lea High School, has worked at his father’s business, The Taco King, for the six years it has been in existence. Before that, he helped his father at his Mexican food stand at El Forastero, a Mexican bar and dance in Albert Lea (which has since closed). Jose plans to go to Rochester Community and Technical College or Riverland Community College and get a degree in business.