A.L. school board has lost respect

Published 9:40 am Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Albert Lea school board:

I would like you to ask yourselves what were you thinking? The band program is now going to go downhill. You all got mad when Mr. Fitz (Scott Fitzsimonds) left us, because our band “sucked” now you cut the person who built it back up to almost perfect?

Then you’re going to put a teacher that is inexperienced with high school students in his place. That’s smart thinking? Not!

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All the school board cares about is money it seems, not the students’ well-being. You can cut his job, but buy iPads and make more jobs for other new teachers? That makes a lot of sense.

But what’s done is done, but I hope you all know that a lot of respect for the school board has gone out the window on how you make your choices.

Destiny Jahnke


Riverland Community College

Albert Lea