How do gas prices make you feel?

Published 1:17 pm Saturday, April 2, 2011

Graphic by Stacey Bahr

What word — a single word — would you use to describe the current state of gasoline prices?

The Albert Lea Tribune asked people on its Facebook account to answer that question and received many responses. The Tribune also requested participation from print readers and received some responses, too.

Nearly all the responses expressed dissatisfaction with the price of gas, many of them giving the emotion that rising prices stirs. It’s an issue that everyone can relate to, because it impacts every household budget. Many people know they cannot be upset with store clerks, but this exercise gives people a means to share views.

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Here, then, are the responses:

“Absurd” — John Wojszynski

“Piranha” — C.E. Vollum

“Low” — Brad Wedge

“Fatal” — Ken Nelson

“Gouged” — Cobb Knutson

“Poor” — Brandi Hagen

“Depressed” — Laura Jacobson Mellang

“Tied” — Alma Nava Guerra

“Disgusted” — Tammy Krowiorz

“Stressed” — Stephanie Vitiello

“Helpless” — Sara Flowers Wilson

“Violated” — George Gillespie

“Prison” — Cory Peterson

“Why?” — Nate K. VerHey

“Broke” — Angela Buck

“Overwhelmed” — Kristie Buruse

“Robbed” — Sara Albers

“Outrageous” — Lana Purdie

“Appalling” — Amy M. Patten

“Georgewbushed” — Timbo Ellingson

“Busherized” — Dan Smith

“Stuck” — Tiffany Allen-Nessler

“Bombastic” — Beverly Staples

“Used” — Laurel Yost

“Frightened” — Renee Lee

“Broke” — Diane Nachreiner Vogt

“Exhausted” — Chris Anderson

“Angry” — Rita Wacholz Moyer

“Sick” — Mindy Christenson

“Poor” — Chris Cords

“Nervous” — Joie Graves

“Grrrrr” — Jennifer Berg-Hanson

“Broke” — Kelly Schroeder

“Desolate” — Jeremy Boeck

“Pickpocket” — Korean Widmer

“Scammed” — Mary L. Samudio

“Hungry” — Becca Southwick

“Cheated” — Scott Miller

“Hollow” — Peter Cox

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