Editorial: People want the right to vote

Published 8:19 am Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let’s hope the bill that would allow Freeborn and Mower counties to appoint their recorders and auditor-treasurers fails.

This measure would reduce the right of the people to vote for their leaders, a right the people of Freeborn County cherish.

A similar bill was introduced last year, and it faced strong opposition. That representative declined to introduce it again this year.

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It is clear the people want to retain the power to vote on these positions, rather than turning that power over to their county commissioners. We urge legislators to vote against the proposal.

We would, however, favor a measure that increases the standards for who can run for the position of auditor-treasurer. One motivation behind the bill is the problems that can arise if a less-than-stellar person gets into that office and fails to meet many state requirements regarding the handling of audits, funds and elections.

There presently are standards that limit who can run for county attorney and sheriff. Applying standards to auditor-treasurer would resolve the concerns yet retain power in the hands of voters.