GOP represents the wealthy

Published 9:31 am Monday, May 23, 2011

Wake up, America.

Do you care if Ryan’s Law is enacted that will offically be the end of Medicare?

Do you care if the seatbelt law is repealed?

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Do you care if our county auditor is appointed instead being elected, so you could not have a choice to vote?

Do you care if our veterans are going to get any help or the health care they deserve when they return from their tour of duty and the older ones, going to the VA will also have many things cut off because of the money they will cut.

Do you care that the Tea Party and Republicans are voting for all the billionaires to keep getting all of their big tax cuts, which they have been getting ever since the Bush White House? They kick members out of their party if they don’t toe the party line.

Do you really care if our state keeps going down if they won’t meet halfway and agree on a budget that only wants to cut away more jobs and services?

Do you know that millions should be spent on voter ID machines, when our state has a $6 million deficit already?

Are these the things you want to happen when you voted for the Republicans and the Tea Party people, who promised to work together and find solutions?

Rose Anderson

assistant chairwoman

Freeborn County DFL Party

Albert Lea