Art Students of the Week

Published 9:17 am Friday, June 3, 2011

Each week there are students chosen to be the Art Student of the Week in Jessica Bremer’s art classes at Southwest Middle School. The students are selected if they are ready for class each day, respectful and responsible. Students have their name displayed, are given an award, get five points extra credit and a Southwest pencil.

Week of March 3:

Eighth-grader Becca Dup

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Seventh-graders Quinn Peterson and Profirio Garcia

Week of March 11:

Eighth-grader Anna Englin

Seventh-graders Matt Tate and Allison Grandstrand

Week of March 17

Eighth-grader Lauren Sorenson

Seventh-graders Taylor Herfindahl and Harley Meyer

Week of April 1:

Eighth-graders Courtney Turvold and Scott Grzybowski

Seventh-graders Santi Sisouvanh and Schafer Overguard

Week of April 8:

Eighth-graders Taylor Willis and Scott Kabrud

Seventh-graders Jay Skaar and Abby Sencio

Week of April 22:

Eighth-graders Dan Fisher and Kaled Lestrud

Seventh-graders Sam Ware and Alyssa Christenson

Week of April 29:

Eighth-graders Nick Johnson and Justice Welsh

Seventh-graders Alex Syverson and Tye Trappe