Don’t be fooled by strangers

Published 9:41 am Thursday, June 2, 2011

I normally don’t write letters to the paper, but someone has to say something! Why would anyone take their treasures and valuables out to a hotel room and sell them to strangers? There are many in the area who will buy these items. Old coins, scrap gold, guns, war relics and other antiques. Do you really think you are getting the most for your possessions?

Case in point: One gentleman was offered $13 an ounce for .999 fine silver. It should have been $35 an ounce 90 percent. U.S. silver coins should have been 23 times face. Another was offered $1,000 for a 1 ounce gold coin. Their ad said $1,400. When he mentioned the ad they said, “Oh, yeah,” and gave him $1,400, but it should have been $1,500. Most jewelry stores buy scrap gold and silver, gun shops buy guns and war relics and antique shops buy old toys, crocks, clocks, watches, etc. I believe all will give free appraisals.

Don’t be fooled by big, fancy publicity campaigns. Do a little work, either by phone or go and see your local business people. After all, they support all of the local events, charities, schools, sportsman clubs and churches. These traveling buyers only take from our community and give nothing back.

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Before they come back to take advantage of you do some homework. Ask around to see who in town is buying and what they are paying. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Milan Hart

Albert Lea