Hooked on fishing

Published 8:53 am Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Column: Aaron Worm, Behind the Mic

Before Saturday, the last time I had gone fishing was 17 years ago.

Why so long? I am not quite sure, but after spending the day fishing with my three-year-old son Isaak, my next time out will be a lot sooner.

Aaron Worm

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The Fountain Lake Sportsmen’s Club had their annual Take a Kid Fishing Day on Saturday at Edgewater Park in Albert Lea. I mentioned it to my son a couple of weeks ago, and his first reaction was “Go fishing, eat fish, yummy” while he rubbed his tummy.

After we had gotten our rod and minnows on Saturday, we headed out to catch the big one. We walked down the trails at Edgewater Park as I looked for a spot where there wouldn’t be too many eyes watching me trying to teach Isaak to fish. (I was the one who needed the lesson). After a dozen attempts with no success, except for getting our hook stuck on rocks, we decided to take a break. At this point, Isaak was so impressed with our bowl of minnows that I think he had thought we had already caught a bunch of fish.

After lunch, we gave it another shot, heading out again to Fountain Lake, this time by the bridge and the island near downtown Albert Lea. I was determined to help my son catch his first fish. We cast the line out and waited and waited. After about six to eight more cast still no nibble. Isaak sat next to me eating a bag of marshmallows enjoying the beautiful day even though we were being unsuccessful when it comes to catching “the big one”

But then it happened. After starting to reel the line back in, the line became tight. My first thoughts were once again we had snagged some rocks. Frustration started to set in again, when something amazing happened. Whatever was on the other end started to move. Isaak sat on my lap, and together we slowly reeled it in. And there at the end was a beautiful little sunfish. Isaak’s eyes lit up in awe. “Fish, fish!” he started to yell. There are moments in life with your kids you never forget, and this was definitely one of those. I took a few pictures of Isaak holding the line with his prize fish on the end. The only thing he didn’t like is when he pulled the line too close to him, and the fish rubbed up against him and starting flapping rapidly. He dropped the line quickly and ran and screamed. I felt bad but also had a good chuckle. I released “sunny” from his hook and let him back into the lake.

I want to thank the Fountain Lake Sportsmen’s Club for putting on a great event — not only to introduce kids to fishing, but to allow me to make memories with my son that I will never forget. We will be out fishing again soon. I think we are both now “hooked.”

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