Niemann lights up the stage

Published 9:04 am Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jerrod Niemann opened up the musical talents during the opening night of the Freeborn County Fair. -- Garrett Wampler/Albert Lea Tribune

On the opening night of the Freeborn County Fair, Jerrod Niemann lit up the stage at the grandstand with his own songs as well as a popular assortment from other country music superstars.

Introduced as Judge Jerrod & the Hung Jury, after his latest studio album release in July 2010, Niemann opened the show by with “How Can I Be So Thirsty.”

The crowd applauded the opening number. Fans and members of the community packed the grandstands to watch the Arista Nashville-signed performing artist.

Niemann playing guitar next to his lead guitarist of the Hung Jury during Tuesday nights show at the Freeborn County Fair. -- Garrett Wampler/Albert Lea Tribune

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“This is awesome to be here. I grew up in a town that is probably about the same size as this town,” Niemann said. “The only difference is there are a lot more beautiful women here.”

Niemann got the crowd and the beer garden stirring with his new hit “One More Drinkin’ Song,” which is No. 23 on Billboard’s country chart. The garden responded by holding up their cups and singing along when Niemann sang the chorus.

The singer-songwriter followed up his hit single with one of his greatest successes as a songwriter. The band played the Garth Brooks tribute to Chris LeDoux titled “Good Ride Cowboy.”

Judge Jerrod followed up the Brooks hit with a song of his own that went gold in the United States, “What Do You Want.”

Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury perform at the grandstand at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds. -- Garrett Wampler/Albert Lea Tribune

When the artist wanted to sing one of his other hits, he first had to ask if there were any rodeo fans in the audience and then give a short disclaimer.

“There is a disclaimer that comes with this song, just in case your hard at hearing like I am, this is the ‘Buckin’ Song’ — with a B”

Next on the set list was “Down In Mexico” another hit song from his latest album.

Niemann got the crowd on their feet with a classic out of the Alabama song book with “Mountain Music.” The crowd obliged by singing along with Niemann.

He came back with “Devil Came Down To Georgia,” originally by the Charlie Daniels Band while letting his guitarist play the solo where the fiddle is to be played.

“One great thing about growing up in a small town is that you know just about everybody,” Niemann said.

The crowd gave Niemann a standing ovation for his other single to go gold in “Lover, Lover.” He then left the stage and ventured into the crowd during “Louisiana Saturday Night.”

The band left the stage to a standing ovation but the cheers from the crowd asking the entire band to come back out onto the stage for an encore performance. Niemann obliged and hundreds of people rushed to the stage.

He sang four songs during the encore wrapping up with “Dixieland Delight” and “Family Tradition.”

Niemann displayed his vocal talents with everything from country to blues and to rock, while throwing in a little Metallica guitar solo.

Fans were doing everything from dancing on the benches to holding up their smartphones with flashlight applications, showing their appreciation for the artist’s work.