Time to overturn Roe v. Wade

Published 9:16 am Friday, August 19, 2011

I have chosen to help support the National Pro-life Alliance group to inform you, we believe and want support for the Life and Conception Act. This popular act is sponsored by Congressman D.C. Hunter (R-Calif.) and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.). We also aim to overturn Roe v. Wade once and for all, to stop the murder of millions of innocent babies every year. It is no wonder our nation is in such terrible mess, financially, horrible weather, drought and floods, homes, crops and schools and business places ruined by storms. These calamities have always been used by our creator to awake his people that there is a God who demands obedience to his commandments.

Thou shalt not kill nor harm innocent beings. He has created everyone for his purpose, sorry, all do not respect His wishes.

The American people need to demand the protection of all newborn and birth of our citizens. We need to pass the Life at Conception Act.

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We also need to stop the nomination of radical judges such as Steve Six nominated by President Obama. This is very urgent so we can close the doors on Planned Parenthood and stop using our taxes to fund something we do not want nor believe is right.

Then I want to also inform you we do not believe nor want the abortion act tied to Obama health care. How radical can one get. That is not health care.

These senators and judges who support abortion believe that having an abortion to end an unplanned pregnancy is the solution.

They advertise that having an abortion is the end to the woman’s unplanned pregnancy. It is only the beginning of yet a larger problem. As this woman goes on with her life, there is not a day she does not remember what she did to her unborn child and to herself. It can also be a mental problem for her future marriage, husband and children and family members.

These women may likely be damaged mentally, emotionally and spiritually, perhaps physically harmed in the procedure. They often seek help to forget what they have gone through, by going to alcohol and drugs.

Having an abortion is not the answer, adoption or keeping the baby is the answer.

Did you read or hear of a woman born in 1977 named Gianna Jessen of Los Angeles, Calif.? Her mother chose to have her aborted at pregnancy of 7 1/2 months by using the chemical procedure of a product, saline, known to do the terrible act. She was instead born alive, but damaged. She had cerebral palsy and other problems. She was adopted and later spoke many times as an activist for pro-life. She is well-known.

The abortion lobby is working hard to push for more federal funding despite loss of majority house. These radical members will fight, tooth and nail, to fund abortions and use millions of dollars to set up funds to cover abortions and even for “high risk” insurance programs approved by President Obama.

The public is lied to by the Obama administration, that their abortion lobbies will not receive federal funds, but we are not fooled, as being pro-lifers.

Our land will not be healed until our hearts turn to our Creator and close the doors of abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Dorothy Robran