City leaders won’t speak on matters

Published 9:51 am Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I’ve heard some disturbing information in the past couple of weeks. I have heard that business owners are afraid to speak out about the City Council because of possible repercussions.

I certainly hope this isn’t true because that would mean that in a world of bullies in school, we now have a bunch of bullies running our city. I have been hoping that people would start standing up and trying to get an answer out of the City Council and the mayor about the situation of the alleged unauthorized credit card usage that went unpunished.

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I know people care because some have come and told me. Politicians are always saying they want an open government. Do we actually have an open government? Doesn’t an open government mean that when questions are asked, they receive answers? People need to speak up and not be afraid of any repercussions because if there are any, everyone will know about it.

All we want are answers. All we want are council people who will talk to their constituents. All we want are council people who will understand that the people here want to know what’s going on in all aspects of city government, no secrets, all open. When you start shutting down and saying “the topic is closed,” then you start having problems with people believing you and wanting to question everything you’ve done or will be doing.

Now, besides the credit card problem, has the council started working on any solutions to the parking and snow removal problems this city will be having in the next month or two? One of your street employees has an idea for changing the parking during winter. Has anyone talked to him to see if his idea has any merit or are you just willing to settle with same old same old?

Come on, let’s get the council members and the mayor talking to us. Call them, speak up in the newspaper, go to council meetings. Let’s get them to answer our questions. Stop taking what they say as gospel and ask questions. If you don’t ask questions, you don’t learn anything. Ask questions. It is our government after all.


Kathy Diaz

Albert Lea