Organic farming is coming back despite challenges

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Southwest Minnesota farmer Ben Cook says organic foods sales have bounced back from the effects of the recession.

By Mark Steil, Minnesota Public Radio News

Ben Cook raises beef cattle on his farm near Adrian. Sales of organic meat, dairy products and other organic foods slumped during the recession.

Two years after the recession cut demand for the higher-cost food products, organic farming is on the rebound, with prices at record highs.

But the industry is still not as strong as it was just a few years ago, and no one knows if organic sales will return to the double-digit growth of the pre-recession years.

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Still, farmers like Ben Cook are pleased with the turnaround. As he walks into a soon-to-be-harvested field of organic corn near the town of Adrian in southwest Minnesota, Cook can’t help but admire the quality of his corn.

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