Politicians serve rich and powerful

Published 8:35 am Thursday, October 20, 2011


The Viking stadium issue clearly shows the people of Minnesota one thing — that our congressional delegation and our officials in St. Paul both past and present are there only to convene government to serve the rich and powerful. For our government has already addressed the needs of average citizens with food stamps.

So I’m proposing we bring competition or a predator into the Vikings stadium debate, by offering the Metrodome to the NFL Players Association for $10, just like Zygi was offered it for a $1 but turned it down. For owning a stadium in turn for keeping the Vikings in Minnesota brings endless possibilities to the NFL players group. In fact, they may find building a new stadium in Minnesota has even more benefits than owning the renovated Metrodome if they just run the numbers.

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So please join me in contacting your legislator. To show NFL owners some real-world competition that Congress eliminated for them, but we as taxpayers face daily and, yes, I’ll give the $10!


Alan Roebke