Questions for Perry Saturn

Published 3:00 pm Sunday, November 13, 2011

Q: Would you rather be portrayed as a heel or a baby face?

A: I’ve almost always been a heel. Maybe I’m a control freak, but a heel leads the match, and I’m more comfortable leading than following.

 Q: What has been your favorite persona?

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A: I’ve been Perry Saturn through everything, and they throw little monikers at you here and there. The funniest one is when I very first started wrestling. Killer Kowalski, who trained me and Stu Hart, who trained Chris Jericho, both made us be cowboys. Every old timer had cowboys working for them. So I was a cowboy from New Mexico.

 Q: How did you get the name Saturn?

A: The first time Kowalski booked me he couldn’t remember my name for anything. He said it was S-A something like a planet, so just put down Saturn and I never changed it.

 Q: Is your signature move still the Death Valley Driver?

A: Yeah, sure. When I was in WCW I used the Rings of Saturn. In the WWE they used different kinds, the Death Valley Driver they liked better.

Q: What kind of injuries have you suffered in wrestling?

A: I tore both my ACLs, that takes the longest to heal from. I’ve been pretty fortunate. I have fractures in my L-5, the lower part of the back. I’ve had a broken elbow, broken hand, but the knees took six to eight months to heel.