10 tips for your Christmas break

Published 8:52 am Thursday, December 22, 2011

Column: Thanks for Listening

During this Christmas break please do the following:

1. Be kind to someone else.

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2. Light a candle and just pray or think about all the good things in your life.

3. Cherish family. Give an extra hug or listen a little bit more.

4. Dance.

5. Smile.

6. Be a kid again. Play with Legos or color with a child in your family.

7. Watch a sappy, old movie.

8. Relax.

9. Remember those who have fought and our still fighting for our freedoms.

10. Toast someone who has passed on but is still tops in your heart.


I hate cancer

My uncle Louie has been brought home (Marquette, Mich.) from the hospital to say goodbye to his family and to be made comfortable as he waits for the Lord to summon him.

My uncle Louie was one of those relatives who you just could not wait to see. He made you smile. He gave you solid advice, and he just made you happy. My thoughts are with my auntie Jackie and my cousins Shawn and Craig and their families. I jotted down a small poem about my uncle because he meant so much to me.


One of the good ones I heard as we spoke of uncle Lou.

A solid man as there ever was, a family guy, who loved Jackie through and through.

A quick wit, a funny joke, he always made you smile.

A kind word, a lesson taught, many feelings shared all the while.

Dancing on the table, singing country songs someone said.

Yes, Uncle Lou had his moments smiling, having fun; he always led.

His family certainly came first, Lou, so proud; that was plain to see.

The grandkids — they stood out — he would prop them all up on his knee.

Those kids look like Shawn or Craigy, you often would hear him say.

So boastful of the little ones for years they sure did make his day.

Every time you would see Lou, you could not help but start to grin.

The laughter soon came tumbling out, your belly hurting from within.

The world was a better place with Louie, I will miss him so.

A father’s place he held for me, my heart — it now just feels so low.

But heaven you will hold Lou now, so open up that magnificent mile.

And, Jesus, get ready, because Lou is heading your way — and he dang sure will make you smile.

I love you, Uncle Louie

Your nephew, Scott


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