Drive safely on slippery roads

Published 9:54 am Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hello? Is anybody out there?

Great, now that I have your attention, drivers, do you know what state you live in? Do you know what season this is? Have you noticed the ice on the roads?

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Well, a lot of you haven’t. I almost got hit twice Friday by two vehicles. One was a driver who had no intention of slowing down coming from a side street to a main street and the other was a woman coming out of a bank parking lot not paying any attention to traffic.

Wake up! Change your driving habits. Pay attention to the people in front of you, behind you and to the sides of you. Give yourself some extra space between you and the cars around you so you can stop on the snow and ice. Find out the type of brakes you have and learn how to use them properly in this weather. Don’t expect your car to stop on a dime, because it won’t.

Those who don’t care about others any other time of the year won’t find it any better for them now. Slow down, take your time, get where you’re going safely. Let’s all have a safe and happy Christmas season.


Kathy Diaz

Albert Lea