People voted away local control

Published 8:44 am Thursday, December 22, 2011


This is a response to Donald Kaul’s article titled “We’re being sold a bill of goods.”

He blames all our troubles on the Republicans! First we need to remember that the Democrats controlled the Presidency, Senate and House for the first two years of this president’s term and they could have passed any bill that they wanted to increase or lower taxes on whoever they wanted to. But they did not! Plus the Republicans could have done the same during President Bush’s years!

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I blame all of us voters in the last 50 years for electing both Republican and Democrat presidents, senators, congressmen and governors and our state leaders, all of whom think they need take total control over everything because we cannot take care of ourselves. We are expected to send our tax money to St. Paul and Washington, and they will decide how much to send back to us or they will spend it where it needs to be spent because they are wiser than the voters.

This is true for our schools, townships, counties and states. Local control was what made the United States great and now we have government control on just about everything we do!

Just look close to home and you will see the results, school boards have really very little to say about education in their school, federal and state laws and money control them, county commissioners mayors and City Council members have very little control because the federal and state laws and money control them.

Well, I guess his title “We are being sold a bill of goods” is right, but it is by both parties — parties that think they can blame each other and still take total control of everything!

Let’s get involved and get local control back!


Russel Tordoff