The 12 Cats for Christmas

Published 3:19 pm Friday, December 16, 2011

Wish list for cats at the shelter:

• Rubber-backed rugs for cage floors

• Cat toys that are large enough not to roll out of cages

• Large ceramic crocks for water

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• Large heavy

dishes for food

• Cat beds


Wish list for dogs at the shelter:

• Rawhide bones

• Retractable leashes

• Large collars

• Marrow bones

• Kong toys

A letter to Santa from a concerned kitty

Dear Santa,
We overheard the volunteers here at the Humane Society of Freeborn County talking about “The 12 Cats of Christmas” and how they are going to feature some of us older cats who have been here the longest. The other cats asked me to speak on their behalf and tell you what we all want for Christmas, which is just to have a loving, forever home.

First my neighbor Belle, she wants a human exercise partner, and she prefers one that has no dogs. Next is Azulla — she has been here a long time Santa, she is so sweet and loving to all, she wants to know if it’s because she is black and white (what the volunteers call a tuxedo) that no one wants her. Can you help her find a good home Santa?

Shari was born here in the shelter and all of her family has been adopted, she is the only one left, she is living at Stacia’s Grooming now, she really wants a home of her own and guess what Santa — she even likes dogs! Next is Bear and Tinny, Bear was born in here and Tinny was part of a litter abandoned in the country. They are both over a year old, but sometimes they still act like kittens. They both need a home filled with patience and love. Chloe is Bear’s mom — she is so beautiful, she needs a home with lots of love and patience while she adjusts to life outside the shelter, she also is no longer interested in small kittens.

Then we have the brothers Mickey and Morris and my kennel mate Tango, they all want courage Santa, they are all so shy, they always get overlooked when people come to the shelter to adopt, because so many times they hide. They need courage Santa and special humans who will take a chance on them and be patient and extra loving.

The volunteers here say Jamie is the best lap cat ever! They always have a hard time getting him off their lap, he is so full of love. He had an accident and lost his left eye, he worries people will overlook him because he is not perfect, I hope he is wrong Santa. It’s down to my neighbor Wally and me Santa, my name is Taco and like Wally I have been in and out of the shelter twice. We just have not found the perfect match. They say “ the third time is the charm” we both hope so Santa, all we want is a home.

We are not complaining Santa, the volunteers are very good to us and give us lots of good care and attention, it’s just when they go home we get so lonely and dream of a home of our own. We are good cats Santa and just want to have a family of our own, we have so much love to give. Please Santa grant us our wish of a family to love and a home of our own for Christmas!
Humane Society resident

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