The Green Bay Packers are mighty fine

Published 9:57 am Thursday, December 15, 2011

Column: Thanks for Listening

I have not written about the Green Bay Packers in a while, and I know all of my readers do love to hear about this amazing football team (insert sarcasm here).

So I just want to let you know that they have a record of 13-0 (19 wins in a row including a Super Bowl title, if you count last year) and look to be getting ready for the playoffs.

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Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is having a very good, well, awesome year and should win the league’s MVP award.

On a separate note, I do think the Vikings need to look at Joe Webb at quarterback. He has size and speed and deserves a chance.

Twelven magic

Here is my version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

It is called “Twelve Amazingly Awesome People.” I am going to list 12 awe-inspiring and remarkable people. These of course are not the only amazing people in our area, so feel free to add your own to your list:

1. Adam Hamberg

2. Jennifer Vogt-Erickson

3. Lance Skov

4. Tiffany Kriesel

5. Aaron Worm

6. Dan and Angie Kolker

7. Amanda Weiss

8. Jennifer Levisen

9. Jenny Christenson

10. Stacy Cafourek

11. Suzanne Dickson

12. Kristin Mummert

I realize that adds up to 13 people, but, hey, it’s my column.

When you see these 12 people or your own version of 12 amazingly awesome people, please shout at the top of your lungs: YOU ARE AMAZING! It is guaranteed to make their day.


Fatherly foul

To the dad who witnesses say punched his son in the face at a basketball tournament at Lakeville Senior High School last Saturday, if it is true you did it, then you are a dirt bag.

I am so sorry for your son and will continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers.


Celebrate the holidays

Please join us next week for Holiday Business After Hours.

Where: Wedgewood Cove Golf Club

When: 5 p.m. Tuesday

What: Lots of food and prizes

What’s more: Special prizes from Frames R Us and Fishers Fine Jeweler’s.


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