Community and family will miss Karol Held

Published 10:23 am Thursday, January 5, 2012

Column: Thanks for Listening

On the cover of the Bonnerup Funeral Home memorial prayer card for Karol Held was a picture of her with a large group of her grandchildren. It made me smile. It was Karol living exactly the way she always imagined.

Family first.

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As I looked on at the large array of photos of Karol and all of her family and friends throughout the years, I could not help to smile at all of the groups she was a part of — but, again, it was her loving family, standing arm in arm with Karol that took up most of the memorial boards and video clips.

Family first.

When I walked in to the funeral home, I glanced off to the private gathering area and saw the grandchildren, all dressed up, running around, tasting a bit of food, or just sitting exhausted on a chair, and again I grinned.

Family first.

When I first met Karol, it was as the new co-chairwoman (with her daughter Angie) of the United Way fall drive. The two of them had so many ideas and energy that they just fed off of each other. It was easy to see — you got it — family came first.

Karol, thank you for showing so many generations the way you knew it should always be — family first.

You will be missed.


Farewell to Ed Shannon

Ed Shannon’s open house is at the Albert Lea Tribune from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Friday. The public is welcome.

Please stop down and help us thank Ed for the many wonderful years he has given all of us at the Tribune. I will miss Ed a lot because of all of the knowledge he has in the history of our county.

We have a saying — started by Ed himself — that goes: “If it’s old or dead, go see Ed.”

I think he had it on his business cards a few years ago. You just never replace the kind of knowledge that Ed Shannon has. When you are ever looking for a quick reference of what a building was or what a certain area family did for a living, Ed would be the first to know.

Ed, my friend, thank you for your 27 years of service.


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