Editorial: Let’s hope for no snow days

Published 7:38 am Friday, January 20, 2012


Could it be? Could schools get through a winter without losing valuable class time to snow days?

We hope so. Knock on wood.

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It seems unusual to us when adults cheer over school being canceled. Sure, we understand when kids do it, but grown-ups know that a canceled day of school means one less day of education. Districts in Minnesota generally make up days if there were many snow days. Usually, a snow day is a lost day. For some adults, a snow day means they have to find a sitter or bring their kids to work — or figure out which parent has to take a day off.

And even when having a day off may seem convenient, it makes sense to reflect on all the effort that goes into educating children:

• Paying, collecting and distributing property taxes to fund a school district in the first place.

• Applying for and receiving federal assistance and grants to supplement education.

• Paying and collecting the various fees charged to families with children in schools.

• Election of school board members to ensure tax-paying voters have representatives in school matters.

• Hiring a superintendent to supervise all aspect of the district.

• Hiring teachers, support staff and administrators.

• Negotiating labor contracts.

• Building schools and purchasing equipment needed for classrooms, sports, offices and maintenance.

• Purchasing of school supplies by parents.

• Hiring a bus company following the negotiation of a busing contract.

• Dealing with and execution of so many other needs not listed here, ranging from breakfast and lunch programs to curriculum quality to grounds-keeping to technology upgrades, you name it.

To just have all that work and preparation set aside for a day because of inclement weather for safety’s sake is understandable, but it’s not something to be too thrilled over. School is where we want our children.