Editorial: Pedestrians, please use the sidewalks

Published 8:58 am Thursday, January 26, 2012


We urge pedestrians to use the sidewalks as much as possible. We witness people walking in the streets — sometimes in the dark with no bright or reflective outerwear — even though there is a cleared sidewalk nearby for them to use.

Why is it that people feel so much more compelled to walk in the streets in winter than they do in the summer? Arterial streets, no less?

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We know that in some places in Albert Lea the sidewalks are not necessarily cleared or there are no sidewalks or there is such little traffic on a side street that the point is moot. But most of the sidewalks are cleared of snow, and as far as cities go, Albert Lea has a fairly good sidewalk system.

So, please, for safety’s sake, use the sidewalks. Walking in busy streets only makes pedestrians in general look bad.