Editorial: Thumbs

Published 7:20 am Sunday, January 1, 2012

Editorial: Thumbs

To the year 2012.

May the coming year not bring an end to civilization as we know it. May the coming year bring an end to regimes in power in the countries of North Korea, Russia and Syria, among others we’d like to see cast out. May the coming year bring an end to the economic doldrums for the United States and our friends in Europe. May the coming year bring the Minnesota Vikings some good fortune in the NFL draft. And may the coming year be a very cheerful one for you and yours.


To hype in Iowa.

While the Iowa caucus on Tuesday are the first in the nation and important, they are just one state among many in the presidential nominating process — one that voters agree is far too drawn out. Iowa gets way too much attention. So do the other early states. Perhaps America would be better served if all the states held their primaries and caucuses on the same few days.


To warm weather.

While we know many people rely on the snowy weather for additional income — so thumbs down to that — the average homeowner scoops their own walkways. Those are the people who are very glad this year for the brown Christmas and New Year’s. Knock on wood. We can see why they are happy.